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My One Year Clotiversary

One week prior to my diagnosis, I noticed that I was getting very weak. Not weakness from being tired, but unusually weak (I thought) without cause. I also had a nagging light caught and I was constantly clearing m throat. I began to presume that I have acquired the coronavirus, so I started doctoring myself…

How Was My 2022?

At the beginning of 2022, things were so different… While I wasn’t in perfect health, I believed I was in fair physical shape. Three of my friends were just either a phone call or text away. Lastly, I was in a relationship; the first I’ve had since the beginning of the pandemic. However, by the…

The 2022 Year-End Edition of SBC Tuesday Talk!

Readers, this is the last episode of SBC Tuesday Talk for 2022! Leslie and I discussed cheating and those who think it’s okay as long as gifts are given. Next, we discussed how men should take charge…respectfully that is! These topics and others are tackled in our last live stream of 2022!

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