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Is A Good Man Hard To Find?

00:00 Countdown04:37 Intro & Salutations07:26 Is a Good Man Hard To Find?35:56 What Do Men Want In a Relationship?46:53 Feminine Energy53:51 Being a Real Gentleman1:06:42 Announcements1:08:40 Outro

Sexual Intercourse: Is It A Sacred & Spiritual Act?

00:00 Countdown04:54 Intro & Salutations09:03 Sexual Intercourse: A Sacred & Spiritual Act?49:38 Having To Ask For Affection From Your Partner1:05:38 Be Gentle With Me1:19:34 The Engagement Ring1:27:53 Secret Santa Pettiness1:33:12 Announcements1:36:21 Outro

Shoot Your Shot: Blind Date!

A Man and a Woman will appear on the live stream and have a brief virtual date. They will converse and ask each other questions.

The twist is, they won’t know each other’s identity until the end of their virtual date. 😲…


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