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She Cheated…Now What?

SBC Tuesday Talk 12/6/202200:00 Countdown04:52 Intro & Salutations09:14 She Cheated…Now What?42:33 “Bring Me My Change!”57:53 Wedding On Aisle Eight1:07:28 Announcements1:09:49 Outro

Dating “Unattractive” People

SBC Tuesday Talk 11/29/202200:00 Countdown04:53 Intro & Salutations09:41 Dating “Unattractive” People34:34 “When Are We Getting Married?”56:52 Thanksgiving Leftovers1:09:51 Announcements1:11:42 Outro

How Some MEN Approach WOMEN In Dating

SBC Tuesday Talk 11/22/202200:00 Countdown04:48 Intro & Salutations10:34 Have We As The Body of Christ Failed Each Other?29:54 How Some MEN Approach WOMEN In Dating48:58 Colorism In Dating57:05 Facebook Bizness1:00:13 Announcements1:02:10 Outro

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