About Mike

I have been a graphic artist in some shape or fashion since I was about four-years-old.  It all started when I would watch episodes of The Electric Company and they would feature vignettes of one of my favorite superheroes, Spider-Man.


After each of Spidey’s adventure would air, I would actually attempt to draw what I just saw earlier.  Thus began my journey as a graphic artist.

For years, I turned my passion for drawing into a need to publish my own line of superhero comic books.  Long story short, things did not pan out as I hoped for.  However, the Lord wasn’t done with me yet.

 Having purchased an underpowered used IBM computer, I began my journey in the field of graphic & web design.  With projects so far and in-between, my endeavor didn’t look so promising.  Then I go my big break; I was hired as the webmaster for the City of Midfield, Alabama.

Today, I’m doing what I enjoy, and that is being a graphic designer.  This is my dream job and I give thanks to the Lord for bringing me to this point in my career.  I also grateful to the clients who chose to believe in me and my talents.

Thank you very much for visiting my site.

Mike 😉