Is It a Red Flag or Are Your Standards Too High?

SBC Tuesday Talk 10/18/2022
00:00 Countdown
04:43 Intro & Salutations
08:25 Is It a Red Flag or Are Your Standards Too High?
30:56 Is Being Called An Independent Woman An Insult?
47:49 Your Grace & Mercy
1:05:33 Announcements
1:07:48 Outro

Shoot Your Shot! 9/13/2022

Who’s going to be brave enough to not only try to shoot their shot but also participate in the Seven-Day Challenge?
00:00 Countdown
04:49 Intro & Salutations
14:28 You Like Them, But They Like Your Friend
21:10 Michael Shoots His Shot
51:17 Rhonda Shoots Her Shot
1:03:17 Kena Shoots Her Shot
1:16:43 Kitty Shoots Her Shot
1:28:36 Mike’s Tree House Online Store
1:31:25 Announcements
1:33:09 Outro