The 2022 Year-End Edition of SBC Tuesday Talk!

Readers, this is the last episode of SBC Tuesday Talk for 2022!

Leslie and I discussed cheating and those who think it’s okay as long as gifts are given.

Next, we discussed how men should take charge…respectfully that is!

These topics and others are tackled in our last live stream of 2022!


Shoot Your Shot! 9/13/2022

Who’s going to be brave enough to not only try to shoot their shot but also participate in the Seven-Day Challenge?
00:00 Countdown
04:49 Intro & Salutations
14:28 You Like Them, But They Like Your Friend
21:10 Michael Shoots His Shot
51:17 Rhonda Shoots Her Shot
1:03:17 Kena Shoots Her Shot
1:16:43 Kitty Shoots Her Shot
1:28:36 Mike’s Tree House Online Store
1:31:25 Announcements
1:33:09 Outro