Training In Dating?

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Having been the founder and creator of the Single Black Christians (SBC) and Single Black Christians Connections (SBCC) groups on Facebook, I have encountered a number of members who are weary with the whole dating/relationship scene.

During the dozen or so years of managing these two groups, members have lamented about the lack of good, quality suitors to pursue a viable long-term relationship with. Then, when they think they’ve found Mr. or Miss. Right, things just don’t turn out right and thus ends that experiment.

Are we as single men and women, more specifically Christian men and women, doing something wrong?

Granted, there are times when a relationship or even an attempt at a relationship goes south, the other party is rightfully to blame for the breakup. We get that.

However, how often do we accept the responsibility on our part concerning not only the breakup but even the failed attempts of obtaining a romantic relationship?

Maybe the dating scene isn’t as organic as we thought it was. Maybe we may need training in this particular area in our lives.

Chew on this: We as human beings receive training in nearly every aspect of our lives, from simple things such as housekeeping to major things like financial management. If we expand this to a Christian perspective, we receive training at our local assemblies on various ministries such a being a Church School teacher or even as a counselor.

So why not accept training in dating?

Surprisingly, not many people realize that simple things as etiquette, appearance and even culture can make a huge difference in just attracting that potential suitor. There are folks out there that are expecting to obtain a genuine diamond, all the while they’re presenting themselves as cubic zirconia.

These days, training may be in order.

If it’s the Lord’s will, I’ll have more about this topic on this week’s edition of SBC Tuesday Talk at 9:05 p.m. eastern time and we can discuss this topic further.

Until then, take care!


One thought on “Training In Dating?

  1. Angela Madison November 9, 2021 / 10:45 am

    Excellent and I agree that we need to do more to address the concept of dating especially within the Christian Community. Many of us did not have balanced instructions on the good and the bad of dating. Some of us were out right told don’t date at all or to only date one person for what ever reason. Some had no examples of what healthy dating looked like. How do we date now especially in this technological age?

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