Shoot Your Shot 5/10/2022

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30:20 Chauncy Shoots His Shot
46:00 Irene Shoots Her Shot
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Men of SBC & SBCC: Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Men of SBC & SBCC: Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Brothers of SBC and SBCC, you have to come through.

This Saturday is our second (or third, I can’t remember) Seven-Day Connection Challenge and the Sisters of SBC and SBCC are showing up in full force. They’re seeking a Brother whom they can converse with for the next seven days beginning Sunday, November 7th.

The Seven-Day Connection Challenge is an activity where a man and a woman, with whom they’ve had little to no prior interaction, talk to each other for a minimum of 30 minutes per day for seven days.
The purpose of this activity is another way to make a connection for the members, which may happen. If not, a good friendship may be the result!

Brothers, if there’s ever a time for you all to step, now is the time!

The Sisters understandably doubt your sincerity about seeking a life-long partner in the group and to be quite honest, I don’t blame them. They feel that too many games are being played. They’re almost convinced that waiting on you fellas is a complete waste of their valuable time.

This weekend, you can prove them wrong and possibly make a new friend in the process.

Your participation in this weekend’s Seven-Day Connection Challenge is crucial. During our Challenge, a couple took the plunge and eventually married each other!

Brothers of SBC and SBCC, join us this Saturday evening. You may meet that helpmeet you’ve always been seeking.

That is if you’re truly serious about it.

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